Your vacation should be memorable for all the right reasons

Here’s some tips to be mindful of before you depart:

  • Learn common travel scams in the country, this can help defend you from being tricked out of hundreds of Rands.
    • Knowing the scams and dangers before you arrive in the country will make you more confident to decline an offer that sounds too good to be true.
  • Observe how people dress and try to pass as a local. The more you stand out, the more you brand yourself as someone who is unfamiliar with the location.
  • When walking down the street, look straight ahead and walk with a purpose. If you become lost, slip into your nearest cafe to consult your map privately before continuing.
  • Hide emergency cash. Keep one part in your wallet, hide it in your backpack inner pockets, in your socks, and even under the insole of your shoes.
    • This will minimize the risk of losing everything in case of an unexpected accident.
  • Learn the local emergency contact number when entering a new country. Dial the number and check to see if your mobile phone can call it. You may need to use it during your stay.
  • Get travel insurance.
    • Whether your luggage is lost, you end up in a natural disaster or you need to go to the hospital, travel insurance will help to reimburse your expenses.

When it comes to staying safe, listen to your gut instincts. If something feels funny, there is a good chance it probably is. If the street food you come across looks like it will make you ill, it’s probably best to avoid it. If the guy who approaches you seems a little too friendly, then he may not have the best intentions.

Even though you may feel like you are overreacting, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

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